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Venice Update
Venice Update
Venice Update
Venice Update
Venice Update
Venice Update

Venice Update

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: venice

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We have updated our Venice model pack.
New street props are added, and the textures are renewed.
This pack includes street props like houses, buildings, bridges, plants, benches, lanterns and decorative objects to create a Venice city scene.
The complete scene shown in the video is included in the pack and it can be used as your starting point!
Note: The water is not included, but you can easily add it from Unity Standard Assets!

Technical details:
Model count: 25
Texture count: 77
Material count: 50
Texture sizes: 2048*2048 px, 1024*1024 px, 512*512 px
Additional maps for normal and spec maps are included.
Every model has LOD stages

Please open PDF file to see more details about this product, polycount, number of materials of each model.

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