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Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: alienSFxUnreal

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9.99€ 5.00€
File Formats
UASSET (Unreal Engine)

Collection of 43 excellent sound effect files for use in a lot of areas of your game.

We included 46 CUE Files with lots of random combinations.

Sound files are 48Khz, stereo.

List of files: Ambient workshop beats, Ambient, clipper, Ambient, cuting metal, Ambient one beat, ambient, ambient2, ambient3, ambient4, ambient5, ambient6, ambient7, ambient8, ambient9, Ambient10, ambientLaboratory, Cuttermachine, Laser, Laser2, Laser3, phaser, phaser2, ShipEngineStart, spaceShip, spaceShip2, spaceShip3, spaceShip4

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Tags: Alien
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