How to Submit Assets - Manual

Seller User Manual


1.1 In order to become Authorised Seller in our WebStore you need to register your account like simple customer. After you write in all data, you can login into your new customer account.

1.2 In next screen you must write in your Telephone number so we can contact you in case of any problem, your PayPal address to receive payments from us and Support email for better communication between you and your customers in case any problem with your assets.

Figure 1.2 Write your data for Seller account

1.3 When you Accept Seller Agreement and press Continue button you will get confirmation that your new Seller account has been created and you need to wait until we approve it. Maybe we will contact you by Telephone you provided but in most cases we will contact you via email. We will ask you to show us some images about products you want to apply to our store and some images about your previouse work. When we are sutsified with quality of your work we will approve your seler account and you are ready to Submit products to our WebStore.

Figure 1.3 Your account has been created

2.1. Submit new Asset to WebStore.

1) Click on „Manage content” link in Seller Group

2) Then on next screen click on „Submit new asset here” link

Figure 2.1. Submit new Asset

2.2. In order to apply new Asset to WebStore you need to fill in ALL 5 TABS

1. Description – Should contain some description text, main image etc.

2. File Format – Select file formats which customer will get in ZIPPED file

3. Downloads – Main Download file which customer will get when purchase your product

4. Images – Additional preview images for Gallery to better present your product

5 Additional downloads – Here you can upload files which customers will get for free like description   documents, videos, FREE samples.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT press SUBMIT Button until you fill in data in ALL 5 TABS.

Figure 2.2 Applying ne Assets contains 5 TABS

2.3 Description TAB.

2.3.1 Product name and Select Category field. In „Asset name” field, please, write name of your asset. Use 20 characters (only letters and numbers are allowed)


Valid name: Village 1.

Invalid name: ’Village’#1


For Asset category please select Asset category, together with their PARENT categories. For example if you want to apply some Cartoon Character, you will select:

3D Models   (parent)

3D Models>Characters (parent)

3D Models>Characters>Cartoon

Assets can be in more categories, for example if you have some nice animated fantasy horse you can apply it to:

3D Models   (parent)

3D Models>Characters (parent)

3D Models>Characters>Fantasy

3D Models>Characters>Animals

Figure 2.3.1 Asset name and Select category

2.3.2. Description Tab – rest of the fields. After asset categories are selected you need to upload MAIN image. Please click „Upload Image” button and select it from your HDD. Image must be size of 800*600 or to use same ratio. If you use some other image size or not in this ratio we will decline your asset until you fix problem.

We strongly recomend that you make ALL your image renders in this size: 900*675 pixels.

After that you need to Upload PDF Description file. What is PDF description file? It is file in PDF format designed to provide much more information to our customers about each model from your asset. Here you can place image of each model (in case of model pack), its Polycount number (triangles or polygons), and number of materials (textures) for that model. For your conviniences, we made special PDF CREATOR web form where you can upload your preview images and write in all data about models. Then you simply press save and PDF file will be created for you. That PDF file you will upload here. (Optional)

Figure 2.3.2. Upload Main image and PDF description file

2.3.3 Description TAB – rest of fields 2. After PDF is uploaded you will need to set Indie Price and Big Studio price. Indie price is for small developers and BIG STUDIO price is much bigger price which studios with over 200.000$ annual income will use to buy assets. This is optional. If you want to use only Indie price then leave other field empty, and ALL customers can use INDIE EULA agreement for your prodcts. If you write in both prices, customers with income over 200.000$ annualy, will buy your products under BIG STUDIOS EULA agreement.

In YouTube field you need to write in link from applied video which can contain your assets in some scene, to better present your product.

Publish field you can use in case you want to save product but release it little later, when you decide. In this case we will review it and if it is approved you will decide when it will show on WebStore, by editing this field.

Product Tags field should contain some keyWords explaining your product, with commas. Example: Houses, village, barn,

Captcha code.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT press SUBMIT Button until you fill in data in ALL 5 TABS.

Figure 2.3.3. Prices, Video, Publish, Product Tags

2.4 File Formats. In this TAB you need to select FileFormats which you use for your products (models, textures, sound files, Tutorial files). If you can not find file formats in provided list, please, contact us and we can add some missing file formats. Based on our 10 years expirience in gaming industy we covered most important FileFormats which are mostly used.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT press SUBMIT Button until you fill in data in ALL 5 TABS.

Figure 2.4. File Formats selection

2.5. Downloads TAB. Here you need to UPLOAD your MAIN downloadable file which your customers will get when PAY for your product. Allowed formats: zip, rar, 7z.

We strongly recomend 7Z file because 7ZIP app is FREE and their zipped files are with best compression.

Please, do not upload files bigger than 250MB. If you need to upload more than 250MB then slit into 2 compressed files and upload them separately here like 2 files.

When you press Upload Button you will need to wait sometimes over half hour, depend of file size and server speed. When you get confirmation window that file is uploaded you can move to next TAB – IMAGES.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT press SUBMIT Button until you fill in data in ALL 5 TABS.

Figure 2.5. Upload MAIN download files. Customers will get these when buy your product

2.6. Images TAB. Here you can upload preview images for Gallery. You can upload model previews, renders, level schemes, tutorial example pages. Etc. You can upload up to 15 images with max 1000 px size . (we must save some sever space J)

IMPORTANT: DO NOT press SUBMIT Button until you fill in data in ALL 5 TABS.

Figure 2.6. Upload MAIN additional gallery images. Up to 15 images with up to 1000px wide.


2.7. Additional downloads. Here you can upload files which customers will get for free, like description PDF files, free samples, charts, small video files, demos etc. This is simple download. When customer or visitor press download button he will be asked for folder to save file in. This files will be visible on product page, and ALL visitors can get them for FREE

Figure 2.7. Additional downloads. Here you can upload files which customers will get for free like descriptions, FREE samples, video samples etc.

Now You CAN press SUBMIT button.

If no errors are found and there are no empty fields you will get message that Asset is sucsessfully uploaded and waits for our approval.

It can take FEW working days until we preview your assets images and applied text. If we find some problems you will get message that Asset is declined and reason for that.

Thank you for submiting assets to our WebStore.

3DModels-Textures Team.

3D Models Textures