Civil Female Character

Civil Female Character


Animated character with 6000 polygons, 4 LOD stages and 62 animations.

Great model for your city scenes with animations like walk, talk, mobile phone, scary run, etc.

There are 2 versions, with jacket and without so you can have more options for your game. 3 materials

Animations: BoatPaddling, ClapSiting, ClapStanding, Clean, Climbing_Ladder, Death1, Death2, Death3, Default0, Hit, HitLeft, HitRight, idle_01, Idle_02, Idle_03, Idle_04, Idle_LookAround, Jump, Jump_Air, Jump_Down, Jump_UP, Left_Cover_Sneak, Mobile, Pull, Recover, Right_Cover_Sneak, Right_Strafe_Walk, Run, RunFlip, RunHold, RunScared, Sitdown, SitIdle, SitIdle_02, Sitting_Talking, Sleep, Sneak_Left, Sneak_Right, Sneak_Walk, StandTalking, TurnLeft, TurnRight, Walk, Walk_02, Walk_03, Walk_Back_Crouch, Walk_Crouch, Walk_Happy, Walk_Left_Crouch, Walk_Strafe_Left, Walk_Strafe_Right, WalkHappy, WalkHappy_02, Walking_Backwards, Walking_BackwardSlow.uassetWalking_Turn_180, WalkLeft, WalkRight, Watch, Waving, Waving_02, Waving_03

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