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Fantasy World 4

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: fantasyWorld4

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WAV (Audio)

Collection of 12 music tracks for your Fantasy and other games.

8 complete music tracks up to 4 minute length. 4 additional tracks for game intro, cut scenes like prepare for battle and death scenes.
By Gabor Lengyel composer.

Track List:

AmbientMusicThunder.wav 1 min
Beautifull Land3.wav 39 sec
Death4.wav 8 sec
EasternIntro.wav 10 sec
EasternQuest.wav 59 sec
Failed4.wav 16 sec
introAmbience.wav 1 min
KingsCasle.wav 1 min 56 sec
lost2.wav 17 sec
preview.wav 3 min 21 sec
quest3.wav 55 sec
SadThemeCutScene.wav 3 min 52 sec
SmallVillage.wav 4 min 36 sec

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