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Civil Female UNREAL
Civil Female UNREAL
Civil Female UNREAL
Civil Female UNREAL
Civil Female UNREAL

Civil Female UNREAL

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: civilFemaleUNREAL

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29.99€ 15.00€
File Formats
UASSET (Unreal Engine)

Animated character with 62 animations, 6000 polygons, 4 LOD stages and 3 materials.
In UNREAL format!
This model is easy for your include in city scenes of your games, since it has animations like walking, talking, talking on mobile phone, scary running, etc.

The animation list is provided below

Animations: BoatPaddling, ClapSiting, ClapStanding, Clean, Climbing_Ladder, Death1, Death2, Death3, Default0, Hit, HitLeft, HitRight, idle_01, Idle_02, Idle_03, Idle_04, Idle_LookAround, Jump, Jump_Air, Jump_Down, Jump_UP, Left_Cover_Sneak, Mobile, Pull, Recover, Right_Cover_Sneak, Right_Strafe_Walk, Run, RunFlip, RunHold, RunScared, Sitdown, SitIdle, SitIdle_02, Sitting_Talking, Sleep, Sneak_Left, Sneak_Right, Sneak_Walk, StandTalking, TurnLeft, TurnRight, Walk, Walk_02, Walk_03, Walk_Back_Crouch, Walk_Crouch, Walk_Happy, Walk_Left_Crouch, Walk_Strafe_Left, Walk_Strafe_Right, WalkHappy, WalkHappy_02, Walking_Backwards, Walking_BackwardSlow.uassetWalking_Turn_180, WalkLeft, WalkRight, Watch, Waving, Waving_02, Waving_03

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