Become Seller is a modern community-based 3D model marketplace. We ensure direct communication between a seller and a buyer. Also direct money transactions for each purchase are ensured. We guarantee you up to 70% of the royalty rate.
Start selling your 3D models at 3dmodels-textures and become a seller in just a few minutes!
The process is simple with 3 quick steps:

  • 1. Create an account at
  • 2. Upgrade your account to seller account. When you register to a customer account, you will find a link for becoming a seller.
  • ​3. Start uploading your 3D models.

​This process is absolutely free of charge!

UPLOADING YOUR MODELS: When you are uploading your models please keep in mind the whole representation of a product. Everything matters: a detailed description, proper preview images, specified model formats and adequate price. As a seller you have to present your products in the best ways so you can convince a buyer to choose exactly your models.
​How to prepare your model? Its simple: you have to save your model or scene with all associated files and textures in one file (.zip or .rar is preferred). Please make sure that a scene does not contain any unnecessary objects, that the objects and materials have proper naming, there are no missing files, and that all scene paths are correct!

SETTING PRICES FOR YOUR MODELS: We recommend you to look at the similar models in the marketplace. Find out which pricing works for you the best.

GETTING PAID: Once your model is sold, you get your money directly to your PayPal account that you had to indicate, while creating your personal account on 3dmodels-textures.

If you have any questions related to this topic, please feel free to contact us via our e-mail:
Our team will answer you in a short time and help you get started!

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