Fantasy World Music

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Collection of 13 music tracks for your Fantasy and other games.

7 complete music tracks up to 3 minute lenght. 6 additional tracks for game intro, cut scenes like prepare for battle and death scenes.

By Gabor Lengyel composer.

Track List:

AfterTheBattle.wav - 1m 46 sec
Battle.wav 43 sec
BeautifullDay.wav 1m 5 sec
Death.wav 1 sec
Failed.wav 12 sec
Failed5.wav 7 sec
introShort.wav 6 sec
KingWelcome.wav 9 sec
Mountain.wav 3m 22 sec
Prepare forBattle.wav 4 sec
Preview1.wav 2m 26 sec
Princess.wav 24 sec
RainyDay.wav 40 sec
SleepyVillage.wav 56 sec

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