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XForce Commander Unreal
XForce Commander Unreal
XForce Commander Unreal
XForce Commander Unreal
XForce Commander Unreal
XForce Commander Unreal
XForce Commander Unreal
XForce Commander Unreal
XForce Commander Unreal

XForce Commander Unreal

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: XForceCommanderUnreal

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34.99€ 14.99€
File Formats
UASSET (Unreal Engine)

Animated Character with 70 animations, 28000 triangles, 5 texture (body, head, armor, ammo, weapon). BaseColor, Normal, roughness, metallic and emissive maps included.

4 LOD stages: LOD0: 28130, LOD1: 22660, LOD2: 13900, LOD3: 5043, 

ALL animations needed for modern FPS games!

NOTE: Background models from images and video are NOT INCLUDED with this character.

Textures are 2048*2048px.


Hit_2, Hit_head, idleStand, idleStand_02, idleStand_LookAround, idleStand_Still, idleToSit, jump, JumpFromRunSlow, Prone_forward, Prone_Idle, Prone_rollLeft, Prone_rollRight, Prone_Shot, Prone_Shot_Spray, proneToAlert, proneToCrouch, Roll, Run_Aim, runSlowAim, runSlowRifleLow, Salute, Sit_Idle, SitToIdle_02, Walk, Walk_Aim, Walk_Aim_Bckwrd, Walk_Aim_left, Walk_Aim_right, AaaTpose, alert_grenade_02, alert_idle, alert_idle_Search, alert_reload, alert_Shot_around, alert_Shot_Single, alert_Shot_Spray, alert_Sign_1_enemy, alert_Sign_2_enemy, alert_Sign_3_enemy, alert_Sign_4_enemy, alert_Sign_10_enemy_02, alert_Sign_ColumnFormation, alert_Sign_CrouchOrGOProne, alert_Sign_GO, alert_Sign_you_GO, alert_to_prone, Crouch_idle, Crouch_idle_02, Crouch_idle_Search_02, Crouch_Shot, Crouch_Shot_around, Crouch_Shot_Spray, Crouch_Sign_1_enemy, Crouch_Sign_2_enemy, Crouch_Sign_3_enemy, Crouch_Sign_4_enemy, Crouch_Sign_10_enemy, Crouch_Sign_ColumnFormation_02, Crouch_Sign_GO, Crouch_to_prone, Crouch_WalkBack, Crouch_WalkForw, Crouch_WalkLEFT_Rifle_Low_02, Crouch_WalkRIGHT_Rifle_Low, Cruch_reload, Death_1, Death_2, Death_3, hit 

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