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Leadwerks Engine Projects

Projects made with the Leadwerks Engine Our customers are using different technologies. Some of t...

Posted On: 27/09/2013

Esenthel Engine

Dexsoft Models used by the maker of the Esenthel engine Grzegorz Slazinski is the maker of the en...

Posted On: 27/09/2013

Transformers 3 - An advertising Game

Dexsoft Models used by Blit, Inc. Blit, Inc. finished another great working advertising game with...

Posted On: 27/09/2013

Xbox 360 Hybrid Controlled Game (Xbox Pad + Kinect)

>A. Poolton used our sci-fi models to create this interesting project. You control the game, one ...

Posted On: 27/09/2013

Days of Evil

Media2Art GbR made a fantastic Web Game Media2Art made a fantastic web game where the player star...

Posted On: 27/09/2013

Plastic Toys from our Models

Dwartist showed a plastic model from our Viper vehicle model on his blog.  This is one more gre...

Posted On: 27/09/2013

Skyline Game Engine

Skyline Game Engine showcases Dexsoft Arts. The Skyline Game Engine is an advanced 3D software pa...

Posted On: 27/09/2013

3D Models Textures