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Studio D Unity

Studio D Unity

Modular TV studio with additional studio props, including a fully built studio scene.  
The pack is created with Unity and it includes 35 game-ready models in total such as cameras, screens, spot lamps, chairs, microphones, lamps, panels, light tracks, columns and others. The studio is modular, so you can build up your own with the provided wall, floor, ceiling, pillar, pipe and other assets.
The side panels have a unique design, the images used are from taken from free image sources ( You can design your own panels by switching the provided posters or creating and importing your own.

The complete scene shown in the images and video is included in this pack and it can be used as a starting point in your 3D projects and games.

Note: The video running on screens in the background is not included in this pack. You can add your own video.

If you have any model related questions please feel free to contact us, our team is happy to help!

Technical details:
Number of Unique Meshes: 26
Number of Blueprints: 7
Collision: Yes - automatically generated
LODs: Yes - 3 per model
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 44
Number of Textures: 64
Texture Resolutions: 2048 * 2048 px,  4096 * 4096 px
Texture Formats: PNG and TGA 

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