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Street Lamps
Street Lamps
Street Lamps
Street Lamps
Street Lamps
Street Lamps

Street Lamps

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: StreetLamps

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Collection of game-ready Street Lamps.
In total there are 15 game-ready models included in this Unity pack.
Including Albedo, Normal, Metallic and Emission maps in TGA and PNG formats.

Technical details:
Number of meshes: 15
Number of prefabs: 15
Number of materials: 5
Number of textures: 13
Texture sizes: 2048 * 2048 px
Texture formats: PNG and TGA

Lantern: 807
Lantern Small: 807
Lantern Wall: 897
Street Lamp Bulb: 6156
Street Lamp 2 Bulbs: 6092
Street Lamp 3 Bulbs: 6672
Street Lamp 4 Bulbs: 9144
Street Lamp 5 Bulbs: 9516
Street Lamp 3 Bulbs Small: 6320
Street Lamp Bulb Small: 4892
Street Lamp 1: 8512
Street Lamp 2: 6950
Street Lamp 3: 5395
Street Lamp 4: 12820
Street Lamp Wall: 1995

Note: The background scene shown in the images is not included in this pack, only the street lamps!

If you have any model related questions, please feel free to contact us, our team is happy to help!

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