RTS Orcs
RTS Orcs
RTS Orcs

RTS Orcs

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File Formats
X (DirectX), MAX (Autodesk)OBJ (Wavefront)

The RTS Buildings pack:Orcs contains 5 ready to use buildings for top view games.

RTS Buildings pack: Orcs by Frogames

Reduce your development time with high quality art! The RTS Buildings pack:Orcs is the perfect product to prototype your RTS or other game type ideas! Each building comes with an "under construction" model, a "idle" model and textures are provided for 2 different environments : classic and snow.

In addition, the RTS Buildings pack:Orcs contains 9 animated flags models to differentiate players on the battlefield! example screenshots

What's in the RTS Buildings pack:Orcs? :
- 5 "under construction" Orc Building shapes.
- 5 Orc Building shapes.
- 1 animated Orc Flag.
- 10 building textures.
- 9 flag textures.
- 4 ground textures.


Each model comes with : - 3DS Max7 .max file, .3ds file, .x file, .obj file and .lwo file

Textures templates - Each shape comes with a template texture.

Torque Game Engine : - DTS precompiled files for TGE.

The RTS Buildings Pack:Orcs contains 5 animated buildings, ready to use wit the Garagegames RTS Starter Kit.

Each building has 3 animations/states : Create, idle and destroy.

System Requirements

-Valid .JPEG & .PNG editor to use and open art files.
-Valid 3D Modeller applicatin for importing .X, .3DS, .LWO, .OBJ or .MAX files for shape source files.
​- A licenced or demo version of the Torque Game Engine to use precompiled Torque files

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