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Pots Collection

Pots Collection

Collection of 30 game-ready pot 3D models, with unique designs.
All textures are up to 4K, including Albedo, Normal and Metallic maps.

Technical details:
Number of prefabs: 30
Number of meshes: 30
Number of materials: 27
Number of textures: 72
Texture sizes: up to 4K px
Texture formats: TGA

Crock1: 1484
Crock2: 1340
Crock3: 1388
Crock4: 1484
Crock5: 2644
Crock6: 2284
Crock7: 802
PotWide: 1200
Vase: 2960
Pot1: 1186
Pot2: 1186
Pot3: 1090
Pot4: 802
Pot5: 802
Pot6: 682
Basket: 2644
PotHolder: 1392

If you have any model related questions please feel free to contact us, our team is happy to help!
Note: The background scene shown in the images is not included in this pack, only the pot models!

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