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Neon-Floor decals
Neon-Floor decals
Neon-Floor decals
Neon-Floor decals
Neon-Floor decals

Neon-Floor decals

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: NeonFloorDecals

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If you are looking for some NEON SIGNS for your sci-fi game, than this is the right package for you! This is a collection of game-ready NEON decals for floors and walls.
Contains 104 prefabs (52 words) in form of decals for walls (like neon signs) and for ground (like damaged or undamaged colored signs).
Easy to change colors on all decals. Just find material and change base color. Change emissive color. Control whether text signs will be damaged or undamaged by using provided textures. As prefabs are simple plains, you can change their sizes very easy, just like any other object.

Level from showcase images is not included in this pack, only decals.
Only one material, 2K texture with full colored and damaged words. Emissive map is included for neon lights.
Just drag and drop prefabs where you need them, like ENETERANCE or ROOM, or some attention signs to make levels more interesting.


Tags: decals, neon, signs, text
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