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Marine Trooper Update
Marine Trooper Update
Marine Trooper Update
Marine Trooper Update
Marine Trooper Update
Marine Trooper Update
Marine Trooper Update

Marine Trooper Update

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: MarineTrooper

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Updated animated Character with 73 animations, 70 bones and 13600 polygons. Additional gun included with the model.
3 materials included, head, gun and body. Albedo, Normal and Metallic maps in 2K.

Technical details:
Number of polygons: 13600
Number of prefabs: 1
Number of materials: 3
Number of textures: 9
Texture sizes: 2048 * 2048
Texture formats: TGA

Animation List:
APose, Crouch_Left_Aim, Crouch_Back_Aim_02, Crouch_Backwad_Aim, Crouch_Backwad_Weapon, Crouch_Backwad_Weapon _02, Crouch_Fire_One_Shot, Crouch_Fire_One_Shot_02, Crouch_Forwar_Weapon, Crouch_Forwar_Weapon_02, Crouch_Forward_Aim, Crouch_Forward_Aim_02, Crouch_Left_Weapon_03, Crouch_Left_Aim_02, Crouch_Back_Left_Weapon, Crouch_Back_Weapon_02, Crouch_Right_Front_Aim, Crouch_Left_Weapon, Crouch_Right_Weapon_02, Dead, Dead_03, Dead_2, Dead_HeadShot, Dead_HeadShot_02, Grande_Tos, Idle_Aim, Idle_Aim_Search, Idle_Aim_Search_02, Idle_Crouch_Aim, Idle_Crouch_Aim_02, Idle_Crouch_Ready_to_fight, Idle_Crouch_Ready_to_fight_02, Idle_ready, Idle_WatchMusic, Idle_Weapon, IdleAttack, Jump2_Complete, Jump2_Land, Jump2_Up, Jump_Land, Jump_Up, JumpAir, JumpCombined, Ladder_down_, LAdder_up, Mele_1_with_weapon, Mele_2_with_weapon. Mele_3_fists, Mele_4_with_weapon, Reload, Roll_Forward, Roll_Forward_To_Aim, Run_Backward_Aim, Run_Backward_Aim_02, Run_Backward_Weapon, Run_Backward_Weapon_02, Run_Forward_Aim, Run_Forward_Aim_02, Run_Forward_shot, Run_Forward_Weapon, Run_Forward_Weapon_02, Run_Left_Aim, Run_Right_Aim, ShotMultipleAttack_02, Standing_Aim_Idle, Standing_Aim_Idle_02, Standing_Fire_One_Shot, Standing_Fire_One_Shot_02, Walk_Backward_Aim, Walk_Backward_Weapon, Walk_Forward_Weapon_02, Walk_Forward_Aim, Walk_Forward_Shot,

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