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Historical City
Historical City
Historical City
Historical City
Historical City
Historical City
Historical City
Historical City
Historical City

Historical City

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: HistoricalCity

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29.99€ 15.00€
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Take a walk through a Historical City.
Model pack created with Unity Engine, that includes 31 models, like buildings, houses, street props, roads, benches, lights and others.
Total number of buildings and houses included in the pack is 13 (the models only have exterior).
The complete scene shown in the video is included in the pack and it can be used in your 3D project as a starting point.
Included Albedo, Normal, Height and Specular maps in Targa and PNG formats.

Technical details:
Number of prefabs: 31
Number of textures: 82
Number of materials: 30
Texture sizes: 1024 * 1024 px, 2048 * 2048px, 4096 * 4096 px
Texture formats: Targa and PNG
Exterior only!

Poly-count examples:
Building 1: 8062
House 6: 4062
Forgotten House: 3971
Bench: 772
Street lantern: 807

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