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Dark Age Game Music

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Richard brings 20+ years of orchestral and Hollywood Studio experience to his compositions. As an A-List Violinist, including Principal for John Williams (Indiana Jones IV), Danny Elfman and John Ottman, Richard's resume includes work with such composers as John Barry, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Howard Shore, James Newton Howard, and the late great Jerry Goldsmith. A short list of film and game credits include Indiana Jones IV, Jurassic Park I, II & III, Spiderman I, II & III, The Happening, Wanted, Matrix I, II & III, Fable, Pirates of the Caribbean I, II & III, Superman Returns, The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, Titanic, King Kong, the Fantastic Four I & II, Prince of Persia, Beowulf, and Wall-E. His cutting-edge soundscapes for film and games range in character from quirky to provocative, somber to humorous, sci-fi to lush, epic orchestral. His Renaissance, Baroque, and ethnic themes project you to far-off places in time, while his New Age offerings bring you right back to California, planet Earth - his home. Richard was recently chosen 1 of 12 composers worldwide, and 1 of only 3 Americans, to participate in the prestigious 2007 ASCAP Film Composers' Workshop which recognizes participants as the up-and-comers to watch. This workshop brings together top industry professionals and challenges participants to compose, arrange, and conduct an assigned film cue. Film cues were recorded with the Hollywood Studio Orchestra at 20th C. Fox.

Please open PDF file to see more details about this product, polycount, number of materials of each model.

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