SCI-FI FPS Gun and hands

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19.99€ 10.00€
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FBX (Autodesk, 3DGameStudio), DAE (Collada), X (DirectX), UnityPackage, PNG (Textures)TGA (Textures)

Animated SCI-FI Gun with Hands and 16 animations for FPS games. 3 materials (Hands, gun and grenade). 12.000 polygons!
PBR content! Metallic, roughness, albedo, AmbientOcclusion and Emissive maps included.
Animations: Idle, Aim, Fire1shot, Granade, Crouch_Aim, Run, Aim, Crouch2, Run2, Melee, Melee_aim, Reload,aim_IronSight, Fireburst, fists, grenade2throw

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