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Cave Creator
Cave Creator
Cave Creator
Cave Creator
Cave Creator
Cave Creator
Cave Creator

Cave Creator

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: CaveCreator

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File Formats
LWO (Ligthwave), FBX (Autodesk, 3DGameStudio), DAE (Collada), c4d (Cinema4D), MS3D (MilkShape), X (DirectX), DTS (Torque), UnityPackage, B3D (BlitzBasic), DBO (DarkBasic), OBJ (Wavefront)U3D (UltimateUnwrap)

54 models! (39 unique + LOD stages) with textures in tga format, ready to use in your 3D work.

Cave Creator Construction Set by Lennart Hillen

Cave Creator includes 15 very low-poly cave segments (mostly 750 triangles) ideal for making huge caves. All segments fit together perfectly. We also included 24 properties like mushrooms, column supports etc, to fill in your caves and make realistic scenes. Incredible good normal maps, cave segments look like they have million of polygons. Models have up to 2 LOD stages included! Create your endles caves in minutes. Color, spec, normal maps included!

Please open PDF file to see more details about this product, polycount, number of materials of each model.

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