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Blacksmith NPC
Blacksmith NPC
Blacksmith NPC

Blacksmith NPC

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: Blacksmith

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FBX (Autodesk, 3DGameStudio), DAE (Collada), MS3D (MilkShape), X (DirectX), UnityPackage, B3D (BlitzBasic), PAS, PSK (UDK), DBO (DarkBasic)GMF (Leadwerks)

Blacksmith NPC Character by Sebastian Barz

This pack contains a medieval blacksmith. There are 4 different tools available like a hammer, brush, sword and a rake.

Animated model, 32 animations!, 9490 triangles (LOD: 3420), textures in TGA, ready to use in your 3D work.

Ideal NPC characters to fill in your scenes. Separate animation files! 2048x2048px textures (Body, head and accessories).

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