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Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: AutoMat

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AUTO-MAT is the first tool in our new series of Dexsoft Editor Tools.
Thanks to our long term experience in creating game assets and video games, we decided to develop a handy tool that will help you create materials in a short time.
Imagine having over 200 materials and 5 textures for each one of them, it could take you up to several hours to create materials and plug every texture into the corresponding slots.
Now, with our super useful tool, you can do it all with only one click!

The purpose of this tool is to automatically fill in all textures slots within selected materials.
This tool works only in Unity Engine for standard Unity shader!

There are two ways of installation:
Download it from the Asset Store. After downloading, an Editor folder will appear in the Assets folder and a Tools-Auto-Mat command will pop up in the upper Menu bar. In the Assets folder make a new Editor folder and copy AUTO-MAT scripts and resources. Tools-Auto-Mat command will pop up in the upper Menu bar.

All Standard materials in Unity have 9 Texture-Map Slots which need to be filled with corresponding textures. This could be a very time consuming process. With AUTO-MAT Editor Tool, you can get it done with only one click!

The main steps:
1. STEP:
Prepare all texture names while following the naming convention. Each used texture must have the same name as material name with its corresponding suffix (_Color, _Normal, _Metallic, etc). The same applies for other maps in Standard shader like Height, Occlusion, etc.

Naming convention example:

Material name: Wood
Color map name: Wood_Color
Metallic map name: Wood_Metallic
Normal map name: Wood_Normal

Material name: Glass
Color map name: Glass_Color
Metallic map name: Glass_Metallic
Normal map name: Glass_Normal

You can of course use your own suffixes for all texture types! The only important thing is to use the same suffix all the time.
Recommended suffixes:
For Color maps: _Albedo, _AlbedoTransparency, _Color, _C, _c,
For Normal maps: _Normal, _normal, _N, _n,
For Metallic maps: _Metalli, _metallic, _M, _m,

When you finish with renaming all your textures and materials, you should have a similar look like the one in our example. All texture names are prepared and follow the same name convention. TextureName is the same as MaterialName and the same suffix is used for corresponding maps: _C for Color, _N for Normal, _M for me
tallic, etc.

2. STEP:
Open AUTO-MAT Tool, select all materials that should be processed and drag them into the Materials field.

3. STEP:
Check the “Has Suffix” field and in the fields below type the used suffixes.
In our example we used _C for Color, _M for Metallic, _N for Normal, etc.
When you are ready, press the “Fill Materials” button.

All materials which have followed the naming convention will be successfully filled in! If you click on the “Clear All Textures” button, you will empty all slots in all selected materials.

AUTO-MAT tool works well for all Unity versions from 2017. till now.

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