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Animated Boy 2
Animated Boy 2
Animated Boy 2
Animated Boy 2
Animated Boy 2
Animated Boy 2
Animated Boy 2

Animated Boy 2

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: AnimatedBoy2

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Animated Boy 2 - 2D character, great for your side scroller 2D games.
8 animations included: Idle, walk, run, die, climb, hurt, jump, throw_attack.
Included spritesheet with all images in one file, so you can slice it.

If you dont like how we aranged it in spritesheet, we included ZIP file with all separate animation files in PNG and TGA formats (1024*1024px size each).

Animated gifs of each animation, and smaller size files in TGA and PNG formats -256*256px are also included.

38MB download file

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