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Ancient Warrior Unreal
Ancient Warrior Unreal
Ancient Warrior Unreal
Ancient Warrior Unreal
Ancient Warrior Unreal

Ancient Warrior Unreal

Product By: 3DModels- Textures
Product Code: AncientWarriorUnreal

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UASSET (Unreal Engine)

Animated character with 34.000 polygons and massive 62 animations! Facial animations included.
4 Lod stages for better rendering in 3D game engines.
LOD0: 34.000, LOD1: 20.000, LOD2: 11.000, LOD3: 8000
Facial bones available, tongue, teeth, eyes and eyelids. Everything you need to bring realistic character into your game!

Animations: Attack_1, Attack_2, Attack_3, Attack_4, Attack_5, Attack_6, Attack_7, Attack_8, Attack_9, Attack_combo, Attack_combo_02, Attack_Jump, Attack_stab, block, Death, death_1, Face_A, Face_Angry, Face_B, Face_c, Face_D, Face_E, Face_EyeBlink, Face_F, Face_O, Face_P, Face_R, getReady_01, getReady_02, getReady_03, Happy, HitBack, HitFront, HitLeft, HitLeft_02, Idle, Idle_attack, idle_Attack2, IdleAttack3, Jump_Complet, Jump_Down, Jump_Fall, Jump_Start, Laugh, M, NewLife, run_backward, Run_Forward, Run_Left, Run_Right, Sad, Sneak_Left, SneakRight, Take_001, taunt, taunt_02, TPose, walkBackward, walkForward, walkLeft, walkRight, Win, win2, 


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