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Advertising Panels 4.

Advertising Panels 4.

Decorating your cities and streets has never been easier! With our colorful panels and billboard models, you can quickly decorate and design your city scenes!
This is a collection of 80 prefabs, with original billboard design! All the panels and frames exist as separate meshes, so you can combine them and create your own as you like it!
​In total there are 12 frame meshes and 19 panel meshes.

Technical details:
Number of prefabs: 80
Number of textures: 7
Number of materials: 4 (day and night versions)
Texture sizes are up to 4K.
Texture formats: PNG

LOD stages:
3 LOD stages per model.
First LOD varies from 300-1800 triangles
Second LOD varies from 100-500
Third LOD varies from 30-100 triangles

Note: The billboard designs are original, created by 3dmodels-textures team!

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